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The Old-Style Control Panel is Just a Right-Click Away in Windows 10

Microsoft has done its best to refresh the UI in Windows 10 by offering a compromise between Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to give users a "familiar" experience that also tweaks-in some modern flair. In most cases, the old way of handling customization and system-level changes have been prettied-up with the new interface. But, don't be surprised when an old dialog box pops up here or there. Windows 10 is not quite finished, after all.

If you want to find some of the older-styled mechanisms, look no further than the new Windows 10 Start button. Simply right-click on the Start button and you're reintroduced to some old friends. Here's what's currently part of the geriatric holdouts…

You'll notice that some of these are actually pretty handy to have and I'm glad Microsoft left them so easy to locate. These should all be replaced with Windows 10-style versions eventually, but for now, just remembering they are there could help in a pinch.

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