Official Twitter App for Windows 10 Released


With all the attention on the roll out of Windows 10 which has already started in other areas of the world a new app might be overlooked.

However, when that app is the official offering from Twitter and it is intended for the newly released Windows 10 then it gets discovered.

Unfortunately, it would have been better left undiscovered.

This updated app for Windows 10 gained these features:

  • Tweets with Twitter photos, Vine videos and other select content show previews in your timeline.
  • Photos can be shared on Direct Messages.
  • Reply, Retweet, Favorite and Follow someone right from your timeline. No need to expand the tweet.
  • Upload multiple photos in tweets.
  • Conversations are now easier to participate in and you can Follow, Reply, Retweet and Favorite from the tweets.
  • What's Happening can be viewed without being logged in or without a Twitter account.

Missing from this list is the Quote Tweet option which is now a standard feature on the web, iOS and Android apps and I was unable to find any Lists support.

As I tweeted when I tried this out earlier in the day - third party Twitter apps have nothing to worry about and Power Users will want something other than this.




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