Office for Windows 10 Apps Finalize Ahead of Windows 10 Release

Office for Windows 10 Apps Finalize Ahead of Windows 10 Release

If you want more evidence that Microsoft will actually make the July 29 deadline for the release of the Windows 10 upgrade, look no further than the new app store built into the latest Build of the forthcoming client operating system.

Microsoft has taken the wraps off the preview version of Office and stamped it ready for public consumption. Available today in the Windows 10 Store, users can download and start using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The apps are designed for Windows 10 and will only install and work on a current Build.

How did these apps get finalized so quickly?

It's important to remember that Microsoft is making a bold move with Windows 10 and associated applications. When the company stamps a product as ready-to-use, it doesn't necessarily mean that the product is completely finished. Microsoft is taking the same tack it is taking with Windows 10 in that products will evolve over time through new features and updates. Essentially, Microsoft is delivering a sort of framework and then updating the framework over time. The company plans to release solid, bug-free products, but will continually deliver new updates to improve the overall product experience.

If you have a current Windows 10 Build, jump out to the new Windows store and give the Office for Windows 10 apps a whirl.

You should note that the Office for Windows 10 apps are delineated as "Mobile" apps in the store, but these are clearly available to use on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.

Here's the direct links:

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