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Nokia Offers Its Own "Where’s My Phone Update?" Info

This is interesting. You may recall that Microsoft once hosted a "Where's My Phone Update?" page on its Windows Phone web site but then later stopped providing this level of clarity because of the complexity of documenting which updates were available for which phones on which carriers in which countries. Well, now Nokia is picking up the slack. And they're offering a new take on the "Where's My Phone Update?" page, albeit only for their own Windows Phone handsets.

For example, here's the one for the Lumia 800.


When you select a region and then country, you get more info…


The site includes a FAQ as well which explains the benefits of the pending Windows Phone updates. For example, the 8107 update includes "enhanced battery standby and talk-time performance, a fix for non-responsive screen when ending a call, improved bass in audio performance, the back, start, and search keys lit according to screen brightness, and a fix to prevent undesired rebooting in certain network conditions." Sounds like something people would want.

I applaud Nokia for the transparency and clarity of this information. I wish it was always like this for Windows Phone users.

Thanks to Leon Z. for the tip.

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