No PayPal App - No Problem - Just Use Microsoft Edge Mobile

No PayPal App - No Problem - Just Use Microsoft Edge Mobile

Recently PayPal announced that they were pulling their mobile app from the Windows Phone platform. 

After the last couple of years watching the mobile operating system struggle for traction outside of its fan base, working to get mainstream apps into the Windows Store and steadily declining sales and market share it should not be a big surprise that some apps are abandoning it.

However, losing an app like PayPal does not mean the ability to access and use the service on Windows 10 Mobile has suddenly disappeared.

In fact, using Microsoft Edge mobile, you can not only gain full access to PayPal's services but you can also pin a handy shortcut to the website on your Start Screen for later use.

Not unlike pinning an app shortcut to your Start Screen or into an app folder.

Here is how you do it in two steps:

1. Open up Microsoft Edge and browse to For quicker access in the future tap on the Log In button in the top right of the mobile version of the PayPal homepage. That link is

2. Tap on the ellipsis in the lower right corner to open the menu and tap on Pin this page to Start. This will place a medium size tile on your Start Screen labeled PayPal. You can now move that tile and resize it as you desire to customize your Start Screen.

PayPal Sign In Page PayPal Tile on Start Screen

While I know using the mobile web is not everyone's idea of the perfect solution to some of the missing apps on Windows 10 Mobile it is at least an alternative in those situations where we need that quick mobile access.

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