New Instagram Lands on Windows 10 Mobile


It was just five days ago that Instagram announced their latest update to their iOS and Android app.  The update included a UI redesign intended to place the focus on the images and videos that users uploaded instead of the interface.,

That worked pretty well except for the inordinate amount of attention that was focused on the accompanying logo redesign which lit up social media for quite a while.

Of course, there was no update released for Windows mobile on the same day however, over this past weekend, an update was pushed out for the app.

Turns out it is now freshly Built for Windows 10 and matches the UI and functionality of its iOS and Android counterparts and this all happened in less than 5 days.

Instgram on Windows 10 Mobile

My understanding is that this is a port of the iOS app so it will likely match up much closer to that version of the app than the Android one.

Here is another observation about this app now being a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app - when will it come to the Windows 10 desktop?

I ask that because last week my app tour was of the new UWP version of Twitter's Vine app which is available on Windows 10 PC and mobile devices.

There is no reason why Instagram should not follow suit now that the groundwork has been laid for its UWP app.

P.S. There is no sign on my Lumia 950 of the controversial new colored logo for Instagram but the shape/outline of the new logo is on the Live Tile in white on a blue background. Strangely enough the store listing still shows the old style logo.

So what do you all think of the speed at which this new update arrived for our dying mobile platform?


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