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New Book for Windows Phone Developers

Microsoft evangelist Mike Ormond this week announced the availability of an intriguing new free eBook for developers interested in Windows Phone. Dubbed Building Windows Phone Apps: A Developer’s Guide, the book is over 100 pages long and is written by a team of platform experts.

"'Building Windows Phone Apps: A Developer’s Guide' is a community effort to capture useful information and learning about building apps on the Windows Phone platform," Ormond writes in a blog post. "I'm pleased to announce that the 1st edition is available for download today."

"This is an organic effort – more chapters will be added and chapters will be updated as and when contributors choose to do so. I have a number of additional chapters in my inbox at the moment – expect those to be edited and included in the 2nd edition in the near future," he adds.

The book looks great already. Here's the TOC:

The Windows Phone Developer Tools
The Application Lifecycle
Accessing Phone Features (launchers, choosers and input features)
Location Aware Applications and Mapping
Reactive Extensions for .NET
Marketplace – Designing for First Time Approval
A tour of libraries and samples

You can download "Building Windows Phone Apps: A Developer's Guide" for free from Lulu.

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