NASCAR delivers official app for Windows 10


I have been a long time NASCAR fan and I am excited to see this official app arrive on Windows 10.

Watching the races on TV is one part of being a fan of this sport. The other part of it is proven out if you attend a race in person and see the number of people who have headsets on so they can listen in on team radio channels. Those conversations give everyone a look behind the scenes and you quickly learn there is more to this sport than just driving in circles.

In fact, when I watch a race at home I use a second screen to track more than just the laps being counted down.

As a Windows 10 fan this is also good news because NASCAR is not a small fly by night organization and they have decided to get official in the Windows Store. According to NASCAR there are 75 million NASCAR fans with over 40 million of them being hardcore fans of the sport.

This app will likely lead towards a counterpart mobile version before too long - that is the beauty and benefit of the Universal Windows Platform.

The new app does not require a subscription but there are additional features that can be accessed if you are a subscriber to NASCAR's Live Premium at $5.99 per month.

Basic features in the NASCAR app include:

  • Interactive Chase Grid
  • Lap by Lap commentary
  • Real-time news and video
  • Complete schedules
  • Driver standings and info

As a NASCAR Live Premium subscriber you also get:

  • Live Leaderboard
  • Live driver audio
  • In car cameras
  • Live broadcast radio

If you already subscribe to the premium offering on Windows Phone that subscription can nto be migrated over to the desktop app. I am sure once they get the mobile app released that will be possible.

You can download the official NASCAR app on your Windows 10 device directly from the Windows Store.

Check out the gallery for screenshots of the new app.


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