Music comes onstage in Windows 10 Store Beta

Music comes onstage in Windows 10 Store Beta

Another step in the development of Windows 10 and its one stop shop Windows Store occurred yesterday with the addition of Music related offerings to the current Windows Store beta.

In April Microsoft added Movies & TV to the beta version of the Windows Store and with the addition of Music there are no longer any place holder pages in the app. 

Eventually, this new version of the Windows Store will also contain apps and software for other Windows 10 platforms such as IoTs, Xbox and HoloLens.

They say it will take about 24 hours for the change to reach everyone and users in the US, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand will be able to purchase music.  The blog post does not contain any details on when the capability will arrive for other geographical regions.

This change also brings about the demise of the Music and Video Preview apps, which will be removed in a later build, with their replacements set as the defaults now. 

" can go to the Music page in the Store Beta and browse new albums and top songs, browse for music by genre, and purchase music you want to own. If you have an Xbox Music Pass – you can still add music to your collection directly within the Music app. But to purchase songs and albums – you will do this via the Store Beta."

One other known issue with this change is that music purchased in the beta Windows Store will not download automatically but once you open up the Music app it will be downloaded to your system for use.

Check out our gallery of screenshots of the Music pages in the Windows Store beta.

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