MouseComputers Debuts Their Affordable Windows Hello Camera for Windows 10

MouseComputers Debuts Their Affordable Windows Hello Camera for Windows 10

Every time I have written about a new facial recognition option for Windows Hello, the biometric security layer that is part of Windows 10, I have wondered where the inexpensive options were for users. It is hard to believe that almost two years after the launch of Windows 10 that there are only three options to add Windows Hello facial recognition to an existing device running Windows 10.

Most recently we have the Logitech Brio at $199, then last October the Razer Stargazer hit the market at $149, and prior to that the only option was Intel RealSense DevKit camera at $120 but it did not come with any warranty since it was not considered a consumer device.

Don't get me wrong, the camera quality and capabilities of the Brio and Stargazer make them a solid value for their retail prices because they also deliver high quality webcam experiences in addition to the facial recognition for biometric login capability.

It has also been great that many new devices such as laptops, 2-in-1's, and some tablets are being built with Windows Hello compatible cameras built into the hardware to help make this technology available. In fact, it was just last week that Microsoft highlighted some very reasonably priced hardware that has built in facial and fingerprint recognition.

However, while new devices with this functionality are important, there are a lot of Windows 10 users out there on desktop systems or other hardware that do not have this capability but have a USB port waiting for a third party offering that can add the facial recognition to their system.

Last year at COMPUTEX, MouseComputer showed off a Windows Hello camera peripheral that looked interesting but it never materialized over here in the US and was apparently only available in the Far East.

Well it appears they have decided to setup shop on Amazon and are now offering their facial recognition camera, known as the Mouse Facial Recognition Camera For Windows Hello (CM01-A), and it is available for just $69.99. I have long said that is a price point I think many consumers can get excited about because it is also in the range of a solid desktop webcam but in addition believers the facial recognition capabilities. I also know users want to be able to use a cool feature like facial recognition on their Windows 10 based devices. It is one of those whiz bang features that you do not necessarily need but is great cool to have available.

At $70, the Mouse Facial Recognition Camera For Windows Hello can scratch that itch and deliver this capability to a lot of users. 

I have one of these devices on the way and will give you a full review once I have it on hand.

So is this the point where you join the Windows Hello era?

(H/T MSPowerUser)


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