Mixed Reality App Simulation in Windows 10 Creator Update Build 15042


Over the last several builds of the Creators Update we have seen Microsoft slowly incorporating the Mixed Reality components of this next feature update for Windows 10 into the operating system.

In fact, after Build 15025 was released on 01 February, I took a closer look at the collection of Mixed Reality Tools that were present in that build.

Unfortunately, we could not go very far because we do not yet have one of the Head Mounted Devices (HMDs) that are coming from several Microsoft Partners around the time of the Creators Update release in April.

However, thanks to a tip I received today, it seems there is now the ability to simulate your virtual/mixed reality environment through the Mixed reality App in the latest Creators Update build, 15042, which was released last Friday to Windows Insiders.

In fact, you can now explore a bit of the virtual environment in the Mixed Reality App as long as you flip a switch in settings to turn on Developer Mode for your device and then pair a compatible game controller to the system.

So in order to activate this new mode just go to Windows Settings>Update & security>For developers and turn on Developer Mode.

Windows 10 Creators Update Developer Mode

Once this option is selected you will be asked to confirm turning on Developer Mode and then some additional files will be downloaded and other settings made available. You do not need to change any settings other than this one to get started.

One thing you will notice once this is turned on is the Mixed Reality Settings option in the Windows Settings app will return.

Windows 10 Creator Update Mixed Reality Settings

Once you have paired an Xbox Controller to your system just open the Mixed Reality App and after agreeing to the set up guidelines you will advance to a page with a setting in the lower left corner that activates Developer Mode for running a simulation. Just use the Xbox Controller to navigate the virtual environment.

You will be greeted by a familiar voice, Cortana, who is apparently going to be our guide through our virtual and mixed reality environments in the Windows 10 Creators Update.

I did grab a rough bit of video of the simulation to give you an idea of what it is like on the screen but as you will see, I was unable to progress past the initial stage. Also check out the gallery for other images of what you can expect to see in this app.

I realize it is not much but as we get closer to the release of the Creators Update and the expected HMDs from several of Microsoft's partners - this is going to be a lot of fun to explore!


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