Microsoft Windows 10 hardware event scheduled for 06 Oct 2015

Microsoft Windows 10 hardware event scheduled for 06 Oct 2015

The rumored fall Microsoft hardware event has now been confirmed through invites being sent out to members of the tech press today.

It appears Microsoft will have an event in New York City on 06 October 2015 at the Skylight at Moynihan Station beginning at 10 AM EDT.

The event will be live streamed from the Microsoft Windows 10 Devices Product brief site and you can even put a reminder on your calendar for the event although I think most of you will not have an issue keeping track of this event.

It is expected that Microsoft will announce the new Surface Pro 4, new flagship Lumia handsets for Windows 10 Mobile and version 2 of the Microsoft Band.

These first party product launches are an important element of Microsoft's overall Windows 10 effort. With the recent announcement of the Apple iPad Pro, it will be very interesting to see exactly what the Surface Pro 4 brings to the table as it will be directly compared with the iPad Pro and vice versa.

What expectations do you have for this event and the hardware to be announced?

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