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Microsoft Touts Incredible Windows 8 Boot Times

The addition of solid state drives (SSD) to modern PCs has dramatically decreased the time it takes for a PC to boot, and aside from an inexpensive RAM upgrade, perhaps, it's the single easiest thing you can do to improve the performance on an existing PC. But this week, Microsoft explained how its working to improve the boot time of Windows 8, and if what we're seeing is to be believed, it looks like this process is about to get a lot quicker for everyone.

According to yet another long winded post on the Building Windows 8 blog, Windows 8 will include a new "fast startup mode" that will dramatically improve the Windows startup time, and that's true whether you're using an SSD drive or not.

How fast? An accompanying video shows Windows 8 booting from a cold start in just 10 seconds. And it's not exactly a Macbook Air.


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