Microsoft Sway Makes Its Official Windows 10 Debut

About a week ago, Microsoft teased us with a Sway app in the new Windows 10 store. After installation, all that was available was a nice splash screen that did nothing. And then, after a couple days an update rolled out, creating a new level of excitement that the app was finally ready. Nope. The update applied and did pretty much nothing noticeable.

Today, though, we can report that the app is live and useable and available from the Windows 10 store.

Tap this link to get it: (the link should open directly to the Sway app in the Windows 10 store on your PC)

Sway takes creating personal presentations to the next level and makes it easier than ever to create "stories" around topics like vacations and life events. Some have suggested that Sway is a PowerPoint killer, or will be someday, but it's still early days. Both still have their place and I don't see Sway as a permanent replacement for PowerPoint anytime soon.

Still Sway is a fun way to organize thoughts and events that are stored on the web and shareable with anyone.

Here's some examples:


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