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Microsoft Surface with Windows RT Firmware Updated Again

Surface RT gets its second firmware update

In tandem with the regularly scheduled “Patch Tuesday” event today, Microsoft issued a small firmware update for its Surface with Windows RT tablet.

This is the second firmware update that Microsoft has issued for its first Surface device. The first firmware update was released in November, also at the same time as Patch Tuesday.

As with the November update, Microsoft didn’t provide any details about this month’s firmware update, so I asked Microsoft for information. I was told that this update provides the following two improvements to the device’s UEFI-based firmware:

·         Improvements to audio playback when in Connected Standby

·         Additional capabilities for handling firmware updates during low battery situations

So, nothing major. But good to know

Surface firmware updates are installed through Windows Update along with other software updates. They require you to restart the device.

For more information about installing these updates, please visit the Surface web site.

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