Microsoft Surface Firmware Updates for October 2013

Microsoft Surface Firmware Updates for October 2013

Last update before the release of Windows 8.1

Microsoft today issued its final firmware update for Surface Pro before the release of Windows 8.1. But the firm declined to update Surface RT this month.

No product updates were released for Surface Pro or Surface RT in September, though Microsoft had usually been pretty good about updating each device month before that.

Here's what you can expect to see from this month's Surface Pro firmware update, which Microsoft recommends installing before upgrading to Windows 8.1:

  • UEFI firmware updates.
  • System Aggregator firmware updates.
  • Various device driver updates to enhance the Windows 8.1 update experience, and optimizations for using Type Cover 2 or Surface Touch Cover 2.

No word yet on what happens if you happened to upgrade to Windows 8.1 before getting this firmware update, but it is installing now on my own Surface Pro.

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