Microsoft Shuffles Windows 10 Insider Build Releases for Testers in Fast and Slow Rings

Microsoft Shuffles Windows 10 Insider Build Releases for Testers in Fast and Slow Rings

It has been a busy week for Windows 10 Redstone 2, aka the Creators Update, as we now have the latest Slow Ring testing bits available as an ISO download for testers.

There were a few moves with Fast and Slow Ring builds this week so lets run down all of them real quick.

On 16 November Microsoft made two build related moves by first pushing Build 14965 to the PC Slow Ring - the first Slow Ring Build update since Build 14931 was moved to Slow Ring on 05 October.

That same day Microsoft released Build 14971 to Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring and introduced a couple of new features and removed one added several builds earlier including the rumored Office Hub.

Then, on 17 November, Microsoft offered Build 14965 to Windows 10 Mobile users on the Slow Ring and it turns out that is the the first Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 2 build provided to those testers.

Of course, as is Microsoft's practice, once a build is designated for the Slow Ring it is also made available for download from Microsoft so that users can perform in-place and clean installations of the operating system on their PCs. It is also handy to have this download for those devices that are not seeing Fast Ring builds for some reason. This install will get you to 14965 and then you can join Fast Ring to get 14971 and beyond.

The last time a Slow Ring build was released for Windows 10 Redstone 2 it took a couple of weeks for it to show up on the Insider website for download however, Build 14965 is already available just two days later with a couple of different options.

If you visit you will see options to download either the 14965 or 14931 ISOs:Windows 10 Redstone 2 ISO Downloads

If you want to grab the Enterprise or Education versions of Build 14965 then you will need to visit

Windows 10 Advanced ISO Downloads

As always make sure you back up your data before upgrading your system and if you can avoid using these pre-release builds on production machines I highly recommend that to protect your data and sanity!

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