Microsoft Releases the Windows Defender Hub App


Last week Microsoft released the first beta of the new Get Office app that is now the Office Hub.

While this Office Hub brings your Office 365 related content, recently created files, and other account information into one spot for improved functionality/productivity - this weekends release of a Windows Defender Hub app for Windows 10 introduces an information hub.

The app contains information, in other words official blog posts, released by the Windows Defender team to help you learn more about the default anti-virus/malware solution for Windows 10 but it also contains a simple tip of the day.

There is a shortcut to open up Windows Defender itself at the top of the screen plus any content from the app can be pushed out to your favorite communications channels through the Windows 10 sharing system.

The Windows Defender team also provides a tip of the day within the app window to help increase your security awareness.

While I like the concept behind this app to float information about Windows Defender up into your awareness, it does not appear that the app takes advantage of the notification system or the Action Center to let you know when new information is available.

Without any type of notification that means you must open the app on a regular basis to see if there is new information. While you may create a new habit to do this it would make much more sense to get alerts in Action Center when new information is available about Windows Defender. Of course, an option to control those alerts would also need to be available for those users who prefer a quieter alert system.

According to the Windows Store listing, this app is available to all versions of Windows 10.


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