Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Build 14905 for PCs and Mobile Devices

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Build 14905 for PCs and Mobile Devices

It has been a busy couple of weeks for Microsoft and specifically the Windows team.

Back on 02 August they released the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for PCs, Build 14393.67, after eight months of development and the release of 26 builds for testers.

Then on the 11th of August the first build of Redstone 2 for PCs, 14901, was pushed out to Fast Ring testers in the Windows Insider Program to begin the development of the next major release of Windows 10 on the PC/tablet side.

That was followed this week with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for mobile devices and the release of build 14393.67 for those with eligible handsets.

Then, less than 24 hours later, the team released the first Redstone 2 build for mobile devices to begin that development cycle which will lead up to that next major release for Windows 10 which is expected sometime in early 2017.

Build 14905 was also made available for PCs today.

Now that the first builds for Redstone 2 are out and being tested we have cranked up our new Redstone 2 Build Trackers.  There is one for PC builds and another for the mobile releases and you can use them to stay abreast of what is happening in each build plus we track how many days are elapsing between build releases.

Redstone 1, aka the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, saw a total of 50 unique builds released for PCs and mobile devices over an eight month period.

Any thoughts about how many we might see for Redstone 2?


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