Microsoft Releases Two More Cumulative Updates for Windows 10 Creators Update Build 15063

Microsoft Releases Two More Cumulative Updates for Windows 10 Creators Update Build 15063

Microsoft has pushed out a couple more cogs to slip into the machine that is the Windows 10 Creators Update.

As the 5th of April is quickly approaching for early access to the final bits of the Windows 10 Creators Update for advanced users, Microsoft continues tweaking the final release, Build 15063, so that it is ready for public consumption.

Last week Build 15063 made its way to the Windows Insider Slow and Release Preview Rings for PCs and has ISOs released for download and then had its first Cumulative Update pushed out which bumped the PC build to 15063.11.

Today additional Cumulative Updates were released to continue finalizing the updates for the Creators Update base build of 15063.

For those Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring, KB4016252 was released to bump things up to Build 15063.14 and address this issue:

-- We fixed an issue where non-suspendable processes would suspend after waking a device.

For those in the Slow and Release Preview Rings, KB4016251 was published to create Build 15063.13 and take care of these two items:

-- We fixed an issue where printer connections from clients running older versions of Windows (V3-XPS-based-drivers) failed to connect to clients running the Windows 10 Creators Update.

-- We fixed an issue where on some devices like the Surface Pro 3, the Windows audio device graph isolation would max out CPU utilization due to being stuck in an endless loop due to defective Realtek APOs.

Since early access to the Creators Update will happen on the 5th of April, less than two days from now, these could be the final updates released for this next major update to Windows 10. Although it would not surprise me if they went ahead and put KB4016252 into the Slow/Release Preview Rings. That would mean that anyone installing Build 15063 early would receive that update through Windows Update after their upgrade to Creators Update.

However, there is always a possibility that after early access is opened up that Microsoft would release a subsequent Cumulative Update before broad availability begins on the 11th of April to address any last minute concerns.

Which ever way it goes - we are right at the end of this process.


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