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Microsoft to release Windows 95 OSR 2.5

Bowing to pressure from OEMs, Microsoft will release a new interim build of Windows 95 dubbed "OSR 2.5" that PC makers can ship with new machines. The OSR 2.5 release of Windows 95 will include Internet Explorer 4.0 and new clients for the Microsoft Network, America Online, AT&T and CompuServe. It will ship sometime in early 1998, months before Windows 98 is ready. The company says that OEMs are asking for a new version of Windows 95 that includes IE 4.0.

"The OEMs like this because it makes it easier for them to provide their customers with IE," product manager Phil Holden said. "We are working with them to provide the installation tools so that they can pre-install it for their customers. For our customers, it enables them to experience the benefits of IE without having to install it for themselves."

Windows 95 OSR 2.5 will be based on the OSR 2.1 code-base. OSR 2.1 included new drivers and bug fixes. It was released in 1996

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