Microsoft Preps Partners for Windows 10

Microsoft Preps Partners for Windows 10

Communication is the key to understanding

It's no surprise that Windows 10 is coming, and that with this important release we're seeing a bit more convergence between PCs, tablets, phones, video game consoles and other devices. But for Microsoft's partners, Windows 10 is as much an about-face as Windows 10 is for Microsoft. So the firm has provided a set of resources for its U.S. partners that I think many others would be interested in as well.

Obviously, some of this stuff will be sealed off from the general public. But I've always been fascinated by the way that Microsoft and other companies present information publicly, because what's said—and what's not said—can be unintentionally revealing.

For example, you may consider Microsoft "re-embracing" the desktop in this release to be something of a step back, or a refutation of its mobile device aims in Windows 8.

But I'd argue that it's noting of the kind and is in fact a more profound release than any in the history of Windows specifically because it so seamlessly embraces the popular past (the desktop) with the future (a secure, more easily manageable apps infrastructure).

But whatever your perspective, it pays to closely watch how Microsoft communicates. Not just to consumers and other customers. But to partners, which have a far bigger stake in the success of Windows 10, and will receive a less marketing-heavy message about this release.

So here are some U.S. partner resources to check out.

Webcast: Let's make Windows 10 the greatest platform ever. Register for this free on-demand event to see how Microsoft director of US Windows product marketing Betsy Pridmore explains the Windows 10 vision and what to expect from this release.

Partner Learning Center webcast. Set for October 29, this one actually requires that you be a registered Microsoft partner. It will focus on Windows 10 for Enterprise, the enterprise value proposition and product vision of this release, and will address some of the top questions being asked by customers.

Windows 10 page on TechNet. Visit the Windows 10 page on TechNet to download the Windows Technical Preview and find out what's new in this release for business customers.

Ready to Go Marketing web site. Aimed at sales and marketing professionals, this web site will help answer customer questions about Windows 10.

US Partner Community blog. Microsoft's public-facing community blog for US partners also offers ongoing information about Windows 10 and other products. It offers a few more resources here.

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