Microsoft plans to push mobile build 10136 to Windows 10 Insiders tomorrow

Microsoft plans to push mobile build 10136 to Windows 10 Insiders tomorrow

As always our Ring Master, Gabe Aul, is a great source of information on Windows 10 and he has made many Windows Insiders very happy this morning with the news that Windows 10 Mobile build 10136 will be released tomorrow.

Gabe started by sharing the news on Twitter of a conundrum of sorts.

He alerted Insiders of a new build but that it has a bug related to upgrades from the last mobile build, 10080, which was released in May.

The options were to wait a week while engineers figured out the bug or push it to Fast Ring Insiders and only allow upgrades from Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

Just as in the past, testers replied by being ready to go ahead and reset their devices to Windows Phone 8.1 and get their first new build in over a month. 

So Gabe and his team are now behind closed doors setting everything up for this new build to get pushed out but that process will take about 24 hours to finalize. That means we all have time to get ready.

Since this update is only going to show up for Fast Ring Insiders running Windows Phone 8.1 that means you need to reset any devices that are currently running Windows 10 Mobile build 10080.

That reset process Is very easy using the Windows Phone Recovery Tool (WPRT) just make sure your phone has a good charge on it and all of your data is backed up since it will all be removed in the reset.

After you have Windows Phone 8.1 reinstalled you can set the device up with your Microsoft Account and restore from a backup if you choose to.  For me I keep things simple until I get Windows 10 Mobile up and running.  

The next step is to install the Windows Insider app from the Windows Phone Store however, do not opt into the Fast Ring until after build 10136 is made available on Tuesday otherwise you will get offered 10080 and be back at square one.

Update: In the middle of writing this post Gabe has tweeted that the team will remove build 10080 so anyone who resets to Windows Phone 8.1 will not be offered that build. This is great but it may take a while for that to propagate so play it safe and opt into the Fast Ring first thing Tuesday AM (Pacific Time).

Once the new build is available you can then log into the Windows Insider app, opt into the Fast Ring and upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile build 10136.

According to Gabe this new build is considerably better than 10080 and contains thousands of improvements in the code.

One last tidbit Gabe shared was that Windows 10 Mobile build 10145 is currently testing in the Operating Systems Group Fast Ring and could be pushed to Insiders, even those who stay on 10080 for now, instead of spending time on an overall fix for the upgrade bug from 10080 to 10136.

That could be offered sometime next week if the internal testing goes well.

How many of you will be upgrading to this new mobile build?

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