Microsoft Offers Early Access to Windows 10 Creators Update on 05 April as Part of Roll-out

Microsoft Offers Early Access to Windows 10 Creators Update on 05 April as Part of Roll-out

It looks like early adopters will be able to grab the Windows 10 Creators Update beginning on the 5th of April and bring their Windows 10 systems up to date with the latest upgrade for the 21 month old operating system.

Over the last eight months Microsoft has very slowly been approaching the release of the Creators Update and this week we are getting a lot of clarity on the process that will deliver this update to Windows 10 users.

On Wednesday morning we learned that the third major feature update for Windows 10 will become available on 11 April 2017. That date coincides with the regularly scheduled April Patch Tuesday and the end of lifecycle support for Windows Vista with Service Pack 2.

Today, Microsoft's John Cable, the Director of Program Management for Windows Servicing and Delivery shared further details about exactly how the company plans to approach this release and make it a seamless roll-out. After the Kindle and webcam hiccups during the Anniversary Update release last year, it sounds like they will be keeping a very close eye on this process to recognize any issues that may occur with hardware or delivery. No need for a repeat with the Creators Update.

One way it seems they are going to possibly address this is to make the final build of the Creators Update, which is 15063, available early via the Update Assistant on the 5th of April. That will allow users outside of the Windows Insider Program to install the upgrade on their devices and give Microsoft feedback on new hardware configurations. Microsoft uses the term advanced users in relation to this early access but technically anyone with a validly licensed Windows 10 system can perform the upgrade beginning that date.

For all the everyday users the roll-out will begin on 11 April as previously announced but Microsoft will focus the initial release to newer devices including those tested with OEM hardware partners and then based on feedback from that initial phase they will open it up to more devices over time.

They expect this process to take several months to complete until all Windows 10 devices have been offered the Creators Update.

Using the same methods, the company will then begin pushing out the Creators Update to Windows 10 Mobile devices on 25 April. Of course, as always with mobile, the availability of the update for different handsets is impacted by a list of things:

-- Manufacturer
-- Model
-- Country/Region
-- Mobile Operator or Service Provider
-- Specific Software Installed
-- Hardware Limitations
-- Other Factors including Customer Feedback

Mobile is never easy or straight forward it seems with Windows 10. It is also unlikely that we will see any type of early access ability like there is for PC. Just too many obstacles as you see in the above list. However, you could always opt to remain in the Windows Insider Program while you wait for the release from your carrier.

Stay tuned to SuperSite: Windows as we will kick off all of our Creators Update specific coverage beginning with how to install the update using the Update Assistant. That will all start up on the 5th of April.


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