Microsoft is looking for your Hololens app ideas

Microsoft is looking for your Hololens app ideas

It was just a little more than 10 months ago that Microsoft first unveiled their super secret Hololens hardware device.

Since then it has been demoed on multiple occasions and even yours truly had a chance to try it out in San Francisco during this years Build 2015 conference.

In January 2016 developers will be selected based on ideas they have submitted for applications and use of the Hololens and they in turn will be able to pay the tidy sum of $3,000 to get their own developmental hardware to implement those ideas.

Many of us do not have $3,000 burning a hole in our pockets however, there is now a way for us to possibly get our app ideas built by Microsoft for their Hololens devices.

Today Microsoft announced the Microsoft Hololens Share Your Idea  campaign that allows all of us an opportunity to submit our own ideas and concepts for a Hololens app. 

Ultimately, the nice thing about holograms is that they can act just like real world objects and they can do things that break the laws of physics. You are limited only by your imagination. We’ll offer commentary to shape your ideas. We want to share our knowledge with the community, and understand what information and support you will need when you start developing your own ideas.

Ideas can be submitted at the Share Your Idea website where the community can share and vote on their favorites.  After January 11th the Hololens team will pick their top three favorites among the most popular submissions and they will be voted on through social media to select the winning idea.

Once that idea is picked then the Hololens team will begin development and the person who submitted the idea will be in the loop through the entire development cycle. They will be kept in the loop in the planning, storyboarding, development, design and build reviews.  Upon completion the idea will be given back to the community as an open source project so others can build upon it.

If you submit an idea be sure to share a link in the comments below so the community can go check it out.

But, wait...there's probably more so be sure to follow me on Twitter and Google+.

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