Microsoft Kicks Off Redstone 2 Development Cycle with Windows 10 Build 14901

Microsoft Kicks Off Redstone 2 Development Cycle with Windows 10 Build 14901

Just 10 days after releasing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update following its eight month and 50 build development cycle, Microsoft is ready to jump in and get started again.

Today the Redstone 2 era has officially begun for Microsoft and the Windows Insider Program as Windows 10 Build 14901 has been released to those testers in the programs Fast Ring.

This build is primarily focused on the code structure of Redstone 2 and making sure OneCore, the common part of Windows 10 across all devices, is ready for developers to check-in their new code for Redstone 2 and the improvements that will get added.

It is also very likely that these early builds will be buggier than normal as they do that necessary work and preparation. Make sure you only enroll devices into the Fast Ring for the Windows Insider Program that you are OK with reformatting if there are issues.

There is absolutely no reason to have these Redstone 2 builds on the devices you depend upon daily.

Along with the beginning of the Redstone 2 development process we have also created our new Windows 10 (Redstone 2) Build Tracker for PCs that will give you a one-stop shop to see what the latest builds are, what they address, what is new and the known issues.

For those of you wondering about the mobile side of Redstone 2 - Microsoft can answer that question:

"We are starting off by releasing PC builds from our Development Branch first and then start releasing Mobile builds a few weeks after. Right now, the team is laser-focused on preparing to release the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to Mobile devices and we think we’re almost ready."

Once the mobile Redstone 2 build is released we will also be setting up our Windows 10 (Redstone 2) Build Tracker for Mobile that you can use to track those releases.

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