Microsoft Issues a Massive Windows 10 Anniversary Update Build for Insiders

Microsoft Issues a Massive Windows 10 Anniversary Update Build for Insiders

Friday - Schmiday.

I know we have joked around about the Windows team not normally releasing new builds of Windows 10 on Friday's, something they used to say was not a regular occurrence, but with the release of Windows 10 Build 14328 for PCs and Mobile Devices today it happens as regular on Friday's as it does any other day of the week.

This week began with me discussing how the development of Windows, not Windows 10 Mobile or Windows 10 for PCs, runs parallel across Windows 10 itself because Windows is Windows no matter the platform.

When you learned about the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14328 being released today for PCs and Mobile devices you should have had a small bit of déjà vu as you read this list of updates that arrived today for PCs:

  • Windows Ink Experience
  • Updated Start menu
  • Full-screen All Apps list in Start for Tablet Mode
  • Auto-hide taskbar in Tablet Mode
  • Cortana on your Lock screen
  • More ways to create Cortana reminders
  • Cortana Cross-Device features
  • Cortana no longer requires any setup or Microsoft Account sign in
  • Deeper file search which includes OneDrive results
  • New entry point for Action Center on Taskbar
  • Visual changes to Action Center including individual app notifications and just displaying the app icon once
  • Insights from Cortana now in Action Center
  • Customize Quick Actions in Action Center
  • Wi-Fi Quick Action changes
  • Taskbar clock now includes your calendar entries
  • Taskbar clock is now visible on all monitors
  • Taskbar Badging for UWP apps
  • Taskbar settings have migrated to the Settings app
  • Manage multiple playback devices from the Taskbar
  • Icons for individual settings pages
  • Updated Pen settings page
  • Improved app management
  • Windows Insider Program settings page
  • Switch Virtual Desktops by swiping four fingers left or right on the trackpad
  • Email address is now hidden on the Lock screen
  • Media control show on top of Lock screen
  • Updated Credential and UAC Dialog UI
  • Updated Skype UWP Preview app
  • Updated File Explorer icon
  • File Explorer no longer pinned to Taskbar by default
  • Japanese IME improvements

Now granted, not everyone of the above additions in 14328 were also included in Windows 10 Mobile that received a large update earlier this week. However, if you go down that list you will quickly see that many of the features being worked for mobile are making it into desktop and vice versa. There will always be some areas that are uniquely desktop and/or mobile.

However, seeing the look and feel syncing together is encouraging because it should provide a steady core of Windows 10 across the ecosystem and that means we wil gain a lot of familiarity in the interfaces between these two key platforms.

I know that is not what everyone wants however, that is the concept of Windows 10 as an ecosystem across all types of screen sizes.

Microsoft is continuing that effort and have now got both the PC and mobile build releases synched back up as well.

I will be diving deeper into this huge Windows 10 Anniversary Update over the next few days and will bring you greater detail about all of the new enhancements that are included in this build.

But, wait...there's probably more so be sure to follow me on Twitter and Google+.

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