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Microsoft: IE 9 is Best On Your Battery Too

Microsoft has a number of reasons it feels that IE 9 is superior to the competition, but here's an unexpected benefit, according to the software giant: It's easier on your PC's battery life than the competition.

The more efficiently a browser uses power the longer the battery will last in a mobile device, the lower the electricity costs, and the smaller the environment impact. While power might seem like a minor concern, with nearly two billion people now using the Internet the worldwide implications of browser power consumption are significant.

With Internet Explorer 9 we followed several principles to guarantee industry leading power consumption. We focused on making IE fast - the quicker a browser can perform an action the less power the browser will consume. We focused on using modern PC hardware to accelerate IE - natively using the specialized hardware decreases power consumption. We focused on idle resource usage - the browser shouldn’t be doing work and consuming power when the user isn’t interacting with the browser. And we focused on following device power management guidance - the browser should respect the guidance of the hardware manufactures.

Long story short, IE for the win. But check out the post for a ton of data. And then prepare from the inevitable backlash from the Anyone But Microsoft crowd.
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