Microsoft Edge will eventually warn you when closing multiple browser tabs

Microsoft Edge will eventually warn you when closing multiple browser tabs

Although Microsoft Edge is still labeled Project Spartan in the latest build of Windows 10 its development continues in each new build of Windows 10 and yesterday's build 10130 is no exception.

Project Spartan now includes the ability to play videos in full screen, without the chrome showing anymore, and the option to pin open browser panes such as Cortana, Reading List and Favorites.

One feature that has become a lifesaver in Internet Explorer 11 that is not yet part of Project Spartan aka Microsoft Edge is a warning when you try to close a browser window that has multiple tabs open.

Today while I was checking out the new build I did like I have in past builds - I tried to close multiple tabs in Microsoft Edge to see if it would warn me.

Nadda - Zilch - Zero.

Unfortunately, it let me close them all and while I only had test sites open in these tabs this time it is a feature I depend on for helping me avoid an accidental closure of work in progress. This has likely happened to most of us at some point or another.

For this reason I opt to work in IE11 or Firefox on Windows 10 because they provide the warning by default.

By the way did you know that Chrome does not provide this warning because they want to "avoid interrupting you with annoying questions". Seriously - that was the answer they gave in a forum last year.

Anyway, I tweeted out a comment to the @MSEdgeDev Twitter account about this missing feature and one of the Edge team members replied to confirm it is coming to a future build of Microsoft Edge:

First - thanks and second - great to know the team is paying attention - even on a weekend.

You can keep up with the new browsers development at the Microsoft Edge Development blog.

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