Microsoft Display Dock Update Process


Microsoft's Lumia 950 and 950 XL handsets are the first hardware devices from Microsoft that feature a unique capability that allows you to connect the handsets to an external monitor, keyboard, mouse and other USB peripherals to bump up your mobile productivity.

Well at least that is the advertising slogan.

My four hours using nothing but my Lumia 950 in Continuum Mode showed me that the concept has potential but, like any new technology, needs to iron out a few bumps.

A key piece of hardware that makes Continuum Mode work on the 950 devices is the Microsoft Display Dock (HD-500).

Like any hardware item it has firmware and today Microsoft shipped the first update for the dock to make it better to use​according to the changelog.

The update is delivered through the new Gadgets app, which replaced the old devices settings earlier today, and you will be prompted to install it the next time you plug the phone into the dock.

Check out the images to see how quick and easy the process is.





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