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Microsoft Delivers My Xbox LIVE App for iPhone and iPad

While the Windows Phone world is all atwitter over the release of the Xbox Companion app, Microsoft has quietly created a new mobile app for iPhone and iPad users, too. It's called My Xbox LIVE, and, no, it's not an iOS port of the Xbox Companion app, it's an iOS version of Windows Phone's Games hub.

Well, mostly.

Obviously, the Windows Phone Games hub is designed as a central location for Windows Phone users to access their phone-based games and Xbox LIVE account information, such as their profile, achievements, avatar, friends, and messages. And Microsoft isn't going to implement all of that stuff on iOS, since that OS already includes its own games interface called Game Center. But My Xbox LIVE does provide you to the Xbox LIVE account information stuff from the Games hub. And it's actually pretty neat. Basically everything but the Collection pane in the Games hub.

Here's what you get:

Home. This screen provides access to the same Spotlight video content that's found in the Spotlight pane of the Windows Phone Games hub.


Social. Here, you'll find the content found in the WP Games hub's Xbox LIVE pane: Your animated avatar, gamertag, gamer points, Xbox LIVE Gold status (if present), friends list, messages, and beacons. (That last bit was added in the Fall 2011 Dashboard update and thus isn't even available on Windows Phone yet!) You can edit your profile and edit your avatar (change the look/features and clothing), just as you can on Windows Phone.


Games. Here, you can find a list of the Xbox 360, Windows Phone, and Games for Windows LIVE games you've played through your Xbox LIVE account. Dive in and you can view the achievements you've gotten in each game and read information about individual achievements.




Messages. View, respond to, and send new messages to your friends on Xbox LIVE.

So, is there anything missing? Not that I can tell. This app even uses the same side-to-side swiping for navigation that Microsoft employs on Windows Phone. Pretty sweet.

Thanks to Brian H. for the tip!

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