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Microsoft Debuts New Personalization Gallery for Windows


As part of the broader reimagining of Windows with Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows Phone 8, Microsoft has redesigned its web-based Windows site to look more modern and visually attractive. And as part of that effort, Microsoft has also updated its Personalization Gallery, which offers Windows users free themes, desktop wallpapers, and language packs.

Microsoft discusses the improvements to the Personalization Gallery this week in a post to the Windows Experience Blog, noting that you’ll see larger thumbnail images on the Themes page, new panoramic themes and wallpapers for you multi-monitor users, and, for Windows 8, free new language packs which let you switch “the Windows interface, menus, help topics, and dialog boxes” back and forth between multiple languages.

(Language pack installs actually occur from within Windows 8 and RT, and if you want to switch the language of Office, you will need an Office Language Interface Pack (LIP) as well.)

Note that themes designed for Windows 7 will also work in Windows 8 (and RT). But themes designed specifically for Windows 8/RT will not work in Windows 7.


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