Microsoft announces Vizact 2000, intros free preview

Microsoft Corporation on Thursday introduced the latest member of the Office family, Microsoft Vizact 2000, which allows users to create dynamic documents for the Web. Vizact 2000 frees users from needing to understand complicated Web technologies while providing a user interface that will be immediately familiar to any Office user.

"People and companies want a solution to information overload, a way to create documents that cut through the sea of information and get others to pay attention to their messages and remember their ideas," said Karl Jacob, product unit manager of Microsoft's Document Activation Group. "Vizact helps solve this problem by giving Office users the ability to create documents that harness the dynamic nature of the Web, without having to be Web authors or programmers."

Vizact 2000 introduces a number of exciting features such as interactive bullets, table highlighting, auto motion of page elements, and a visual timeline which allows users to choreograph dynamic elements easily.

If you're interested in checking out Vizact 2000, Microsoft has released a free preview version which is available from the Microsoft Vizact 2000 Web site

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