Mail and Calendar for Windows 10 Now Usable with Latest Update

I don’t like to harp on each and every update that comes down the pike. That can get super annoying. When apps get updated a simple Tweet can suffice. However, the latest update that delivered yesterday for the integrated Mail and Calendar app for Windows 10 is worth a deeper look. It’s actually a pretty sizable update and one that, I’m sure, will be a welcome change for many.

The Mail and Calendar app has been in testing by Windows Insiders for a few weeks, but has now been rolled out to RTM users. We originally thought the changes may not deliver until the next big Windows 10 update in October, but I think many will be happy to see this has been updated sooner.

The update brings the Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app more in line with the UI that was present in Windows 8. The Windows 8 version wasn’t a bad app at all and was much more touch-friendly than what Microsoft delivered in Windows 10. Of course, that makes sense considering Windows 10 is a sort of apology to desktop-heavy users. Windows 10 was clearly developed to bring the Windows 7 diehards back into the modern Windows fold.

The RTM release of the Windows 10 upgrade brought a Mail and Calendar app that felt like it was unfinished and still very much a beta product. The changes introduced in this latest update give the app a polished feel and it finally seems trustworthy. There’s many new changes, from customization features to UI refinement. Take a look through the gallery above to get a sense of what’s now available.

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