Mail and Calendar App Updated on Windows 10 to Fix Missing Accounts Issue

Mail and Calendar App Updated on Windows 10 to Fix Missing Accounts Issue

Two days ago Microsoft released an update for the Mail and Calendar App on Windows 10 for testers on the Fast Ring releases of Windows 10 on PCs (Build 104342) and Mobile (104332) but it caused a bit of havoc for users.

After installing the update and starting the app a lot of users were finding their mail accounts no longer in the app and consequently all of their email was gone.

For myself, I had a successful upgrade of the app on my Windows 10 (14342) machine but on my Lumia 950 running Build 104332 the accounts were missing.

After a phone restart and poking around in the app for a few minutes my accounts actually repopulated and all of my email was there. When I shared this on Twitter yesterday several other users reported similar success in regaining access to their accounts however, just as many had no luck with that fix.

Well thanks to a tip from a Twitter follower, @MarkXA, I learned this morning that a new update had been posted to the Windows Store on those Fast Ring builds for PC and Mobile.

Reports are starting to surface across Twitter now that this update remedies the broken update and users are regaining access to their accounts after the install.

Although it is never fun to lose access to important data like your email and accounts, it is impressive that Microsoft was listening on social media and implemented a fix within less than 24 hours. That is a direct benefit of removing some functionality from the operating system itself and turning that first party functionality into separate apps.

Now granted, you also have to consider that a bug that bad should not have made it to the Windows Store in an app but then again, this was a Fast Ring app update and life in the Fast Ring is unpredictable and expected to be full of bugs.

So did you have this issue with the Mail and Calendar app update on the Fast Ring and did this mornings fix get you back up to speed with your mail and calendar accounts?

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