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A Little Fun for a Tuesday: Contre Jour Returns with 20 New Levels

A Little Fun for a Tuesday: Contre Jour Returns with 20 New Levels

Already a great web-based game, Contre Jour just got better

If you’ve not played Contre Jour—it’s a great little game available on Windows Phone, Xbox 360, and other platforms—you may want to get started with the free web version. And this week, it got even better with Microsoft announcing 20 new levels for the game.

Microsoft first released Contre Jour for the web—described at the time as the most ambitious use of HTML5 to date---back in October. That it works with multi-touch Windows devices such as Surface of course makes it all the more appealing.

This week, Microsoft is announcing that the free, web-based version of Contre Jour now features 20 new levels, spread out across two new worlds, New Friend World and Moonlight World. New Friend World “features a beautiful new sunset themed levels that provide a beautiful background to Petit’s love story just in time for Valentine’s Day,” while Moonlight World “looks more similar to the other Contre Jour worlds and showcases the power of IE 10 as a touch browser.”

Have fun! Contre Jour is available at

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