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LG Made Windows Phones?

LG made a bit of news today by revealing that it was disappointed in sales of its Windows Phone handsets and thus wouldn’t be making any new devices for the foreseeable future. Some are looking at this news as yet more evidence of that Windows Phone is doomed. But I just have one question.

Wait, LG made Windows Phones?

I’m only half joking. No offense to LG, but the firm made exactly one Windows Phone handset for the US market, the LG Quantum, and it was the least interesting device that was part of the initial Windows Phone launch in 2010. (There was also an LG Optimus 7 for international markets.) Since then, two new generations of Windows Phone handsets have arrived, most recently with the LTE-equipped Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan 2.

And, I’m sorry, you think LG leaving this market is bad news? After that pathetic showing? Please.

Companies that make boring and generic phones as LG does deserve to be lost in the sea of look-alike, work-alike Android clones. And it’s not surprising that LG is falling on hard times financially, as even its Android phones don’t sell well. Meanwhile, Samsung, which wouldn’t win a single design award for its Windows Phone lineup, has made three very credible Windows Phone handsets for the US market alone.

But LG? Come on. They weren’t even trying. 

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