Laplink and Microsoft continue partnership to help migrate data to Windows 10

Laplink and Microsoft continue partnership to help migrate data to Windows 10

Anyone running Windows 7 or 8.1 has full access to the free Windows 10 upgrade that was released in July of this year. The in place upgrade process provides options for migrating your data and apps during the move to Windows 10.

However, what if you are still on Windows XP or Vista? There is no free upgrade which means no path to easily get your data from that older Windows system to Windows 10. If you decide it is time to replace your old machine with a new one off the shelf, then you still have no means to get your data from XP or Vista to Windows 10.

Well as of today there is a method to get your personal files and settings from those older machines to a new Windows 10 device thanks to this renewed partnership between Laplink and Microsoft.

“Microsoft looks forward to continuing our collaboration with Laplink,” stated Shad Larsen, Director of Business Planning at Microsoft. “We wanted to make it easier for customers to migrate their personal files and settings from their older Windows PC to a new Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 PC, and Laplink delivers a great solution with their PCmover Express software.”

Laplink and Microsoft will once again provide a free tool for personal use, PCmover Express, which will be available for download for a limited time between now and 31 August 2016.

Transferring your personal files, folders, and other settings to a new PC can sometimes be time-consuming and difficult. Laplink’s PCmover software provides an easy-to-use solution with a wizard driven interface, allowing users to automatically transfer selected user profiles, files, and settings to a new device from an old PC. Laplink also offers its unique Free Transfer Assistance, providing certified experts 24/7 to assist with migrations.

According to the Transfer Your Data page at Microsoft’s website that is hosting the download there are a couple of caveats for using this free software for the data transfer:

  • Your older computer and the new target computer must both be connected to the Internet.
  • This software will only work if source PC is Windows XP or later and destination PC is Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.
  • This free software does not support domain joined machines.
  • This program does not migrate your programs and app from the old system.
  • You can selective choose what files, folders and settings are transferred.
  • If you choose to transfer settings, they will not impact the settings you have already personalized on the new machine.

If you are a commercial user or need to transfer your programs and apps there are licensing options for you as well. A commercial license for PCmover Express is $19.95 per license will just cover data migration and PCmover Professional, which is $29.95 per license, will also allow you to migrate your applications and software to the new machine.

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Small business and IT Managers can purchase multi-license packs directly from Laplink that can save on overall migration costs. Enterprise users in larger organizations have an option to license PCmover Exterprise for their migration needs.

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