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Just Say No, Part 2: RIM PlayBook in Massive Fire Sale


Beleaguered Blackberry maker RIM is offering each of its poorly-selling PlayBook tablets for a fire sale price of just $299 via its online store today. And while that may seem like quite a deal, especially for the 64 GB unit, my advice today is the same as it was when HP's doomed TouchPad was offered for just $99 back in August: Practice restraint.

The PlayBook is functionally incomplete, not fully or easily compatible with Android apps, and, more important completely and utterly doomed. This product is worthless at any price, and while I understand that some people won't be able to help themselves, if only to get a decent portable video player ... actually, that may be the only reasonable excuse to buy one. But beyond that, just say no.

The RIM PlayBook never had a chance, and nothing is ever going to change that. I'd examine existing Android tablets, which are available in a variety of sizes and price points, or Apple's more expensive but far more usable and viable iPad line. Or wait a few month for the iPad 3. Or wait 6 months for Windows 8.

Granted, the prices are excellent. At $299, the 64 GB version of the PlayBook, which will no doubt sell out first, is a whopping $400 off its original price. (The 32 GB version, also $299, is a $300 savings, while the 16 GB version, again at $299, is a $200 savings.) But remember the basic rule of shopping: It's not a "savings" if you don't need it.

And no one needs a RIM PlayBook. You deserve better than this. Wait.

Note: The RIM online store is apparently getting hammered, though it was working a few minutes ago. Why did you even visit that site? What is wrong with you?  :) 

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