JSI Tip 9981. When you use Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003, to connect to Windows Update, or Microsoft Update, you receive 'Error number: 0x800A01AE'?

When you attempt to connect to Windows Update or Microsoft Update, you receive:

Error number: 0x800A01AE
The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view

I have scripted FixUpdate.bat to resolve the problem.

NOTE: DO NOT run this script on Windows 2000.

FixUpdate.bat contains:

@echo on
net stop wuauserv /Y
net stop bits /Y
net stop cryptsvc /Y
ren %systemroot%\System32\Catroot2 oldcatroot2 
net start cryptsvc
ren %SYSTEMROOT%\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
regsvr32 wuapi.dll /s
regsvr32 wuauclt1.exe /s
regsvr32 wuauclt.exe /s
regsvr32 wuaucpl.cpl /s
regsvr32 wuaueng1.dll /s
regsvr32 wuaueng.dll /s
regsvr32 wuauserv.dll /s
regsvr32 wucltui.dll /s
regsvr32 wupdmgr.exe /s
regsvr32 wups2.dll /s
regsvr32 wups.dll /s
regsvr32 wuweb.dll /s
regsvr32 iuengine.dll /s 
net start bits
net start wuauserv
net start Eventlog

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