JSI Tip 9980. The required ports for Microsoft Services for NFS are NOT kept open when you select the components in the Security Configuration Wizard in Windows Server 2003 R2?

When you lock down a computer that is running Microsoft Services for NFS (Network File System) using the Security Configuration Wizard, the required ports are NOT kept open even though you selected the components in the wizard.

This behavior occurs because the port numbers default to zero in the registry and the Microsoft Services for NFS software interprets this to mean that the industry stand ports should be used, but the Security Configuration Wizard does not.

To fix this problem, set the port numbers in the registry using the Microsoft Services for NFS Help file, and then re-run the Security Configuration Wizard.

To see the values in the Help file:

1. Starts / All Programs / Administrative Tools / Microsoft Services for Network File System.

2. On the Help menu, select Help on Microsoft Services for NFS and the press Microsoft Services for NFS troubleshooting.

3. Select I need to modify ports used by Microsoft Services for NFS.

4. Set the port numbers in the registry using the procedure provided.

NOTE: Modifying the Name Mapping base port number is NOT required.

NOTE: Default Microsoft Services for NFS port numbers:

1039 Network Status Manager (NSM) protocol.
1047 Network Lock Manager (NLM) protocol.
1048 Mount protocol.
2049 Network File System (NFS) protocol.

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