JSI Tip 9797. Windows Server 2003 may mistake a new LUN storage device for a former LUN storage device installed in the previous location?

When you install a new LUN (Logical Unit Number) storage device in the same location as a former LUN storage device, Windows Server 2003 may mistake the new device for the former device.

This may cause unpredictable results, or even a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death):

STOP 0x000000D1 (parameter1, parameter2, parameter3, parameter4)

This problem behavior will occur if your storage solution uses the SCSI inquiry page 83h serial numbers to differentiate between LUN storage devices, because the Scsiport.sys driver does NOT use SCSI inquiry page 83h serial numbers during Plug and Play operations. Because the bus is NOT rescanned during the move of the LUN storage device, Windows does NOT detect the change.

To avoid this problem, rescan the bus after you move a LUN storage device, and before and after you install or remove a LUN storage device.

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