JSI Tip 9473. You receive a BSOD when you attempt to connect a Windows XP client to a Windows Server 2003 DFS share?

When a Windows XP client attempts to connect to a DFS (Distributed File System) share on Windows Server 2003, you receive a BSOD that describes pool corruption in the Mup.sys file.

This problem will occur if length of the last part of a link target name is longer than the length of the link target.


The \\JSI001\JSI_Long_Target_Name_abcdefgh link has a last part length (JSI_Long_Target_Name_abcdefghi) of 30 but ther link target (\\JSIINC.COM\JSIroot\JSIlink) is only 28 characters.


Either increase the length of the link or reduce the length of the last part of the link target name. Either changing JSI_Long_Target_Name_abcdefghi (30 characters) to JSI_L_Target_Name_abcdefghi (27 characters) or changing \\JSIINC.COM\JSIroot\JSIlink (28 characters) to \\JSIINC.COM\JSIroot\JSIlink123 (31 characters) would work.

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