JSI Tip 9356. The network connection icon does not refresh when you reconnect an Ethernet cable on Windows Server 2003, or Windows XP SP2?

When you reconnect an Ethernet cable cable on a computer that runs the subject operating systems, the network icon in the notification area continues to display a red X and the Network Connections window shows a network cable unplugged status for the connection.

NOTE: The network adaptor functions normally once you connect the cable.

This problem may occur if the computer uses a driver from Intel or Broadcom that offers network adaptor teaming.

To workaround this behavior, either press the F5 key, or open Network Connections and press Refresh on the View menu.

NOTE: an alternate method of opening Network Connections is Start / Run / ncpa.cpl / OK.

NOTE: See 278431 - Using teaming adaptors with network load balancing may cause network problems.

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