JSI Tip 8892. A Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP ASR restore continually prompts for the correct media?

When you attempt an ASR restore from tape, you are continually prompted to mount the correct media.

This behavior will occur if the tape device is NOT recognized because it requires 3rd party device drivers. The only device drivers that are loaded during an ASR restore are those that are included on the Windows CD-ROM.

NOTE: See How do I create a missing ASR floppy disk from the last Automated System Recovery backup? AND links.

NOTE: This procedure might vary depending on the 3rd party manufacturer.

NOTE: Replace driver in the following procedure with the manufacturer supplied driver name.

To workaround this behavior:

01. Copy the following 3rd party files to the root of the ASR floppy.

  • driver.inf
  • driver.sys
  • driver.cat
If a processor specify driver.sys file is required, copy it from the I386, Ia64, or Amd64 sub-folder to the root of the ASR floppy.

02. Open the ASR.SIF in Notepad.exe.

03. Insert the following lines in the \[DISKS.GPT\] section:

1=1,"ASR","%FLOPPY%","driver.sys","%TEMP%\driver.sys","<Vendor name>",0x00000026
2=1,"ASR","%FLOPPY%","driver.inf","%TEMP%\driver.inf","<Vendor name>",0x00000026
3=1,"ASR","%FLOPPY%","driver.cat","%TEMP%\driver.cat","<Vendor name>",0x00000026
04. With the ASR floppy mounted, open a CMD.EXE window and add a label using:

LABEL <drive:><label>


label A:ASR

05. Create a Winnt.sif file in the root of the ASR floppy that contains:

AutoPartition = 1
MsDosInitiated = 0
UnattendedInstall = Yes
OemPreinstall = YES
OemFilesPath = a:OemPnPDriversPath = TEMP
06. Remove the ASR floppy from the drive.

07. Start your computer by booting from the operating system CD-ROM.

08. Immediately after you press any key to boot from the CD-ROM, insert the ASR floppy.

09. Press F2 for Automated System Recovery.

10. After Text mode Setup, you may be prompted with Insert the disk labeled: ASR in drive A: for each file in the \[INSTALLFILES\] section of ASR.SIF file. For each prompt, press Enter to copy the file from the floppy to %TEMP% (C:\TEMP) folder on your hard disk.

11. During the PNP portion of the GUI mode ASR recovery, if prompted with a Files Needed message for %TEMP%\I386\driver.sys or %TEMP%\Ia64\driver.sys, etc., change the path to %TEMP% (C:\TEMP) and press OK.

NOTE: See How do I add additional device drivers and files during Windows XP automated System Recovery?

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