JSI Tip 8698. Windows Server System Common Engineering Roadmap.

The Windows Server System Common Engineering Roadmap page contains:

With Windows Server System, organizations can build a flexible IT infrastructure that helps reduce IT complexity and adjusts as business needs change. The Windows Server System Common Engineering Roadmap outlines the steps Microsoft is taking to provide the products and guidance for customers to create this flexible system. This roadmap focuses on delivering a common set of services that will be implemented across all Windows Server System products.

Common Engineering Roadmap White Paper

Learn why Microsoft created the Common Engineering Roadmap for Windows Server System products and the criteria by which products will be measured.

Common Engineering Criteria Report

How well do Windows Server System products measure up? Find out with these charts, which show whether products comply with the criteria.

Common Engineering Criteria for 2005

Get details about each of the guidelines and requirements that each infrastructure server must meet.

For More Information

Windows Server System Infrastructure Environment

Find out about the coherent strategy that provides a standardized approach to the design and deployment of Microsoft server products.

Windows Server System Infrastructure Solutions

Get a list of resources that provide prescriptive guidance for planning, implementing, and managing core IT services and integrating across products.

Windows Server System Reference Architecture

Learn about the standardized infrastructure architecture for large organizations that ensures an optimized deployment of a Windows–based platform.

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