JSI Tip 8687. When you connect to Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2003 remotely, you are logged off?

If you attempt to connect to Windows Server 2003 using Terminal Services or via a Remote Desktop Connection or you attempt to connect to Windows XP Professional by using a Remote Desktop Connection, you cannot connect. You receive:

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The remote computer never completes the logon request, and you are logged off the remote computer.

This behavior will occur if your client computer uses a NVIDIA video adaptor and the video adapter driver is faulty.

To resolve this problem, locate an updated (or previous) version of the video adapter driver, OR turn off the NVIDIA Display Driver service (Nvsvc32.exe) on the client computer.

You can also try a driver rollback:

1. Open the Display applet in Control Panel.

2. Select the Settings tab.

3. Press the Advanced button.

4. Select the Adapter tab.

5. Press Properties.

6. Select the Driver tab.

7. Press Roll Back Driver.

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