JSI Tip 8616. The 'To add users to or remove users from a file or folder' item in the 'Encrypting File System' section of Windows Server 2003 <B>Help</B> is incorrect?

The subject topic incorrectly states that you can add user to, or remove users from, encrypted folders.

The topic should read:

To add users to or remove users from a file

1. Open Windows Explorer.

2. Right-click an encrypted file and press Properties.

3. Select the General tab.

4. Press Advanced.

5. Press Details.

6. To add a user, press Add:

  • If the users certificate is on this computer, select the certificate and press OK. To view the certificate before adding it, select the certificate and press View Certificate.
  • To add a user from Active Directory, press Find User, select the user from the list, and press OK.

7.To remove a user from this encrypted file, select the user name and press Remove.


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