JSI Tip 8376. When a batch job runs on Windows Server 2003, in the context of a normal user, an '0x80070005: Access is denied' error message is posted to the Schedlgu.txt file?

When you run a batch job in the context of a normal user on a Windows Server 2003 computer, the Scheduled Tasks log file (Schedlgu.txt) records:

0x80070005: Access is denied.

This behavior will occur if the Windows Server 2003 computer is a member server, AND the batch job is NOT interactive.

On Windows Server 2003, the CMD.EXE file, the command processor, has Read and Execute permissions for the Interactive implicit group and the Service implicit group. The Users group DOES NOT have Read and Execute permission to CMD.EXE. On a member server, the TelnetClients group also has Read and Execute permission, and on a domain controller, the Batch implicit group also has Read and Execute permission.

NOTE: The Administrators group and the System implicit group have Full Control permissions.

To workaround this behavior:

1. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to %SystemRoot%\System32\Cmd.exe.

2. Right-click CMD.EXE and press Properties.

3. Select the Security tab.

4. Press Add.

5. Type Batch into the Enter the object names to select box.

6. Press OK.

7. Press Yes when prompted.

8. Press Apply.

9. Press OK.

NOTE: You can also use:

cacls %systemroot%\System32\cmd.exe /E /G BATCH:R.

If run in a batch file:

echo y| cacls %systemroot%\System32\cmd.exe /E /G BATCH:R.

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