JSI Tip 8373. WriteProt freeware for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

Download WriteProt, a tool that will allow you to enable the write protection feature of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

When you type writeprot /?, it displays:

WriteProt V01.00.00cpp Joe Richards ([email protected]) August 2004

 WriteProt \[switches\]

  Switches: (designated by - or /)
   -vol x:    Volume to work with - c:, d:, e:, etc.
   -ro        Set volume to read-only
   -rw        Set volume to read-write
   -view      View current stats of volume.
   -mview     View all hard disk volumes.
   -diskinfo  Show physical disk info.
   -volinfo   Show volume info.
   -info      Show disk and volume info.
   -unsafe    Change a volume that is on a basic disk w/ mult vols.

    This only works on Windows XP or Windows 2003 (or better) - no there
    isn't anything you (nor I) can do to make this work on Windows 2000
    or Windows NT or something else.

    This tool is EXTREMELY dangerous. If you write protect the wrong
    drive you will be in a WORLD of hurt. You need to know what you are

    Volumes on Dynamic disks and volumes on Basic disks are handled
    differently. If you have multiple volumes on a single Dynamic disk
    you can write protect one or more of the volumes separately. With
    multiple volumes on a Basic disk you have to write protect ALL of
    the volumes to write protect one. Because of this, if you attempt to
    writeprot a volume on a Basic disk that has multiple volumes a warning
    will be displayed and the program will stop. You must use the -unsafe
    option in this case so you are aware you are write protecting more
    than one volume.

    If you should happen to make your system partition read-only and
    you can no longer use your PC, I don't want to hear about it.

    writeprot /vol d: /view
      Show current read-write status of D:.

    writeprot /mview
      Show current read-write status of all detected fixed disks.

    writeprot /vol d: /ro
      Makes D: read-only.

    writeprot /vol d: /rw
      Makes D: read-write.

    writeprot /vol d: /rw /unsafe
      Makes D: read-write if on basic disk w/ multiple volumes.

 This software is Freeware. Use it as you wish at your own risk.
 If you have improvement ideas, bugs, or just wish to say Hi, I
 receive email 24x7 and read it in a semi-regular timeframe.
 You can usually find me at [email protected]

When I typed writeprot /info on my laptop, I received:

WriteProt V01.00.00cpp Joe Richards ([email protected]) August 2004

Physical Disk Info
   Name : DISK0
   Type : Basic
   #Vols: 2

   Name : DISK1
   Type : Basic
   #Vols: 1

Volume Info
   Name  : C:
   Type  : Basic
   #Disks: 1

   Name  : D:
   Type  : Basic
   #Disks: 1

   Name  : E:
   Type  : Basic
   #Disks: 1

Volume: C:  READ/WRITE
Volume: D:  READ/WRITE
Volume: E:  READ/WRITE

The command completed successfully.

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